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StockBlaster makes selling stock videos a breeze by eliminating the repetitive work.
Upload your videos once and we'll sell them on multiple major stock video agencies for you!

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How StockBlaster Works

StockBlaster eliminates the busy work of selling stock videos so you can focus on your craft and create!

Submit and curate your footage once and we'll sell it on the major agencies for you!

Upload Stock Video Library

Easily upload your collection of stock video files to our servers.

Curate & Submit Your Videos

Fill out metadata for your videos such as description, keywords and categories.

We Distribute & Sell Your Videos

We'll take your videos and sell them on multiple major stock video agencies for you.

StockBlaster has greatly optimized my stock footage work flow.

It frees up hours of work since they take care of the tedious grunt work of uploading my videos to the multiple agencies. I can't live without it now!

Christopher A.
Photographer / Videographer